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ERP/MRP 2009

Systems Integration

TANDIS has extensive network and system engineering experience on staff enabling us to successfully integrate your systems, including EDI, Accounting, CAD, Job Costing, and more. Seamless integration is important for greater productivity, greater control and greater profit.

Due to the increasing demands put on suppliers to adhere to strict standardized ordering and receiving policies, we have become proficient in the installation, support and integration of EDI solutions. This process allows EDI interfacing with your Customers in their required formats. Many large corporations in both the manufacturing and agricultural sectors demand this technology from their suppliers.

Wireless Networking

Wireless and mobile networking provides access to important information where and when you and your people need it. Very expandable and cost efficient, wireless networks can be made to work for any size business. Whether you are looking to connect data points on a manufacturing floor, track inventory quickly on the go, or simply to provide a faster way to communicate, wireless technologies can help.