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Custom Software (Client Server or Web Based)

Does commercial canned software frustrate you by making you change your way of doing business? Often software forces an operation to change the way it works. TANDIS helps your business get around this problem by writing software that works the way you want it to.

We have written custom software for Tool and Mould Shops, Food Service Providers, Auto Parts Manufacturers, Greenhouse Growers, Fabrication Shops, Fisheries, Agricultural Producers and many others.

Software as a Service (Cloud Computing)

Cloud computing is the next evolution of how software is used in the business world. Essentially, your software runs on a remote machine and is accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. By accessing servers offsite to provide software services over the internet you can:

- Reduce hardware costs
- Increase Data Security
- Reduce downtime from broken computers
- Expedite updates to the system
- Increase your clients ability to interact with your ordering system

To learn more about how Cloud Computing can help you reduce costs and speed up your business, please contact us for more information.


The solutions designed by Tandis are robust and intuitive. Given our wide range of exposure to various industries and the experience we have acquired assisting them we know what works. If your business changes, we can change your software. In the ever evolving world of business, isn’t it better to know that your software solutions can change with you?

Contact us today to see how we can custom build a piece of software that will fill all of your specific requirements. Many of our current programs can also be tailored to your needs