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ERP/MRP 2009


Since 1987 Tandis Inc. has been very fortunate to serve as a Computer Solution Provider to a variety of different industries. We have designed and delivered solutions for Manufacturing, Agriculture, Catering, Rentals and Construction companies to name a few.

Our software is modular by design and constructed using a standardized set of components that can be quickly and easily edited or reformatted to satisfy your company’s specific needs.

One of the greatest benefits of our solutions is the flexibility they provide by offering seamless integration with your existing software infrastructure. We do not require wholesale changes for the sake of technological advancement unless it is absolutely necessary. Cost benefit analysis and ROI (Return on Investment) are at the forefront of our assessment when it comes to change. Existing software that can be integrated and is working well remains in tacked as we focus our efforts on making sure the enhanced solution we deliver cooperates with your current systems.

If you would like a demonstration or sample reports, feel free to contact us so that we can discuss exactly what you need.

If you are looking for personal computing needs, please visit our PC Sales & Service section.


Software specifically designed to assist with the tracking and claiming of your Research and Development efforts. Our grass roots development process allowed us to incorporate the ideas and knowhow of SR & ED experts from both private industry and various levels of government

The Tandis CORE

Our library of tools and components coupled with our proprietary RPDM (rapid prototyping development methodology) is at the central core of all our solutions. We design the required framework or roadmap and then overlay the functionality and features with a focus on integration that is necessary to bring your new system to life. Simply click through to see why we can implement custom solutions faster and more reliably than the competition.


A robust software package designed specifically for the agricultural community. With 15 years of continual refinement Agrisoft has evolved into the perfect hybrid solution. By combining industry specific business needs in our application with state of the art data collection hardware and communications, we can deliver a package that will save time and money across all aspects of the business.

Tandis ERP/MRP

Combining decades of experience from dozens of manufacturing facilities we know what works and what doesn’t but most important of all we know why. Our solution is designed to be as flexible as your manufacturing needs demand and we provide a staged implementation process that gives everyone time to adapt to the changes. The intuitive design of the interface makes for a short learning curve, while the complementary integration capabilities make this the smart ERP / MRP choice.

Fish Nets

Designed for commercial fisheries, mobile computing is taken to the next level to allow new inventory to be recorded as it is collected.

Score Keeper

A specific set of modules designed to ease the administrative and financial burden on your construction business. Score Keeper can track jobs, costs, contractors, and more.

Rent Right

A fully functional application that directly ties your inventory to your daily business needs. From quoting to order entry to warehouse staging, delivery and return the software keeps you informed and up to date. The integrated scheduler allows you to quickly see what you have off-site, what is reserved and what you have available for sale/rent.

Union Dues

This is a specialized set of modules that can handle the complex business requirements of your union halls unique local operation. From Monthly Dues, Job Referral, Personal Welfare (Remittance & Reciprocals / Levies & Payments) to Benefits and Claims we have all the bases covered. Each member is tracked independently and comprehensively within the guidelines of the governing body.

Piecework Payroll

Piecework Payroll will allow you to get a better picture of your specific employee’s productivity, and ensures that accurate data and reports are used for payment.

Contract Contact

Designed for contract based work, specialized tools to allow you to better organize and manage contracts create this powerful utility.

Menu Magic

Designed for the catering community this application covers the needs of the industry. From Order Entry to Delivery of service the software tracks all aspects of the operation. The handy scheduler allows the operator to see what rooms are available for specific dates and times. When the chef or purchaser is done entering costs the systems will produce a bill of materials and costing outline for your larger gatherings. For those managing large facilities we offer the ability to track inventory sold at various locations throughout your operation.

Educational Programming

We are experienced in programming educational software in Adobe Flash, with custom actions and new code to order.