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ERP/MRP 2009

Enterprise Resource Solutions/Material Resource Planning

What does ERP or MRP mean to you? Tandis has come to determine that ERP / MRP can mean many things many people yet there are common concepts or ideas as well. In the current economic environment every company needs to be more efficient to make their company more profitable. By eliminating waste, detecting and solving problems before they happen you can save $’s and avoid costly production delays. Well run companies strive to accurately track their jobs from the moment they first talk to a client about a new part or process, to the moment that the finished product is delivered to their customer’s facility.

Whether large or small every manufacturing business needs the ability to reliably track their inventory of ALL materials that are used in their operation. The ability to print out a wide variety of informative reports that provide management and staff the huge benefit of having all pertinent data at their fingertips is paramount in the electronic age. It allows all parties to make the best decisions based on up to date real time information.

Tandis has been developing software for over two decades with a great emphasis on the manufacturing and agricultural sectors that surround us. Several variations of our products are currently in use by local production facilities in the Windsor / Essex County region as well as other more distant locations in the United States. We are proud to say we have been able to create comprehensive custom solutions to satisfy all of their unique individual needs.


Tandis ERP

Tandis ERP was developed to be the complete solution for companies that do large production runs. It will help you through the production planning phase, create RFQ’s and PO’s for your suppliers, EDI scanning or manual entry, purchase and receive all of your materials and components, create builds that form the blue print you need for each of the parts that you produce, Order Entry and much more!

This software was designed to integrate the purchasing, production and sales efforts of a manufacturing operation so that it may operate more efficiently and cost effectively. Using a Bill of Materials as the corner stone of the system the software monitors the complete production cycle suggesting when to buy and what to build. The program tracks the status of Inventory from Raw Material through Work-In-Process (including internal & external sub-processes) to finished goods.

Using the production capacity statistics combined with the sales history and purchasing parameters of volume and lead time, management can better control the manufacturing process using actual data delivered in real-time. The Production Planning process enables the management to compare Orders to Inventory levels (including Work-In-Process) to determine purchasing and man-hour requirements. A cost analysis feature has been built into the system for determining the manufacturing cost of goods for the complete production cycle.


Tandis MRP

Tandis MRP is a software program developed for small to medium sized Mould or Tool Making shops. The application has been continually evolving in terms of both functionality and implementation for over 2 decades and promises to deliver an automated business flow that will save you time and money. It incorporates Quoting, Order Entry, Job Costing, Purchasing & Receiving, Inventory Tracking, Labor Hours, along with integration to various accounting and EDI applications.

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