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What is the Tandis CORE?

Every solution we design and construct has a common central core containing standard functionality and information specific to your presentation and data handling needs. What defines each application and makes it unique are the various modules and data definitions that surround and interact with the core. This is where we deliver the business functionality that assists with the day to day operation of your company. Modules can be added, changed, deleted or easily upgraded to stay in synch with your changing business needs.

The CORE Offers: Consistent Proven Database Performance; Fully Customizable Modules; A Fluid and Intuitive User Interface; Staged Implementation and Ongoing Support.

The basic CORE components common to our applications programs are as follows:

Standard Lookup Tables

Before you begin using your application the first thing you do is enter or import your company specific data into the base tables. This is where your basic operational information is stored. The Lookup Tables contain everything from your company details, employee list, vendors, suppliers, customers, security preferences, ISO/Government requirements, DHS requirements, and any other information that would be used by your custom modules. The Lookup Tables offer the benefit of single source entry and remove data redundancy by allowing the operator to make data selections as opposed to keying.

Inventory Data

The ability to track inventory in real-time is essential when it comes to making important business decisions. The inventory table is capable of receiving and/or retrieving data from a variety of sources: RFID, Barcode, Internet, Mobile, Manual entry, or any other electronic system you may have in place. In addition the module was designed to handle inventory for a variety of different business types from retail to manufacturing and from perishable to non-perishable products. The application ensures your most critical data is automatically updated, allowing you to make the correct business decision quickly and easily. Capable of handling multiple locations, this fully scalable module is important for any business where inventory management is critical to success.

Some popular modules include:

Order Entry/Sales/Shipping Modules

This standard section of our application suite allows you to takes orders against your inventory or production then finalize sales details and ship products to clients. The process is completely integrated with data flowing from one section to the next based on your specific business logic. With enhanced scheduling and flexibility for in process material handling you can use these functions to help keep the wheels of the business turning.

RFQ / PO / Receiving / Payment / Production Modules

Another in our series of standard business modules they allow you to record new inventory as soon as it is built; caught; grown or received. The functions include the ability to issues RFQ’s, make Purchases, Receive product and make Payments all synchronized with your internal business processes and/or Manufacturing activities. Also completely integrated with seamless data flow from one section to the next this series of modules can help your company save precious $’s and valuable time spent on administrative business functions.

Labor Tracking

This module has seen various implementations from scanning employee Hours on specific Jobs by Task all the way to our Piecework Payroll system at the other end of the spectrum. The module is able to track employees and their production individually, as groups, or company wide. Payroll can be calculated hourly or by piece work with all of the business rules and functionality applied accordingly. Calculating better expected finish times for jobs, cost allocation for a project, or how well each individual has performed historically are all made possible with the Labor tracking module.

Jobs / Contract Modules

The jobs or contract modules are especially useful for companies who conduct business on a project to project basis. Whether you are a small shop that measures mold performance or a large production facility that focuses on cycle time and delivery the software will accommodate your needs. If you are a construction firm that must separate out each contract to control costs this module enables you to do so. The application has been designed to allow you to manage a multitude of jobs and / or contracts simultaneously which may prove to be the key contributor to your business success.

Reports Module

This is the most powerful and important module of all which is why we have tailored the design to make it the most flexible as well. The powerhouse engine that drives this module can be customized to generate virtually any report you may require to run your business. Reports can be customized to match business functions, government regulations, supplier or customer requirements etc. We deliver a standard set of reports to get you started and from here you can design any number of unique reports to meet your needs.

Your satisfaction is Our Guarantee

The preceding modules are only a sampling of our work that we have presented to focus on the core business functionality we find most common in our client base. We have many more modules that have been created, reworked, and reused for a variety of other business functions from surveying to public housing to educational software and beyond. With decades of experience and millions of lines of code to draw upon chances are we can pull a good base of modules together that will best fit your needs, then rework them quickly and efficiently to get your system up and running in minimal time. We are so confident in our ability to deliver solutions that satisfy we are willing to guarantee you’re satisfaction.