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ERP/MRP 2009

Tandis Inc. - Agrisuite

Our goal is to provide the Agricultural Community with software that enables the industry to operate on a more efficient level. Through simple daily use of our applications your employees will benefit from our structured approach while management will have the capability of viewing a wide variety of live data/information and reports. The AgriSuite applications allow you to make sound business decisions based on current production data and conditions which can all be provided in a very flexible format.



Developed cooperatively with our agricultural sector customers, AgriSoft has evolved over a 15 year period from a basic invoicing application into a full blown production system. We have combined decades of software development expertise along with input from the Agricultural Community & Trade Commission Auditors followed by a final approval from U.S. Customs / Homeland Security.

We understand how your business runs and we know that each operation runs a little differently. Canned software packages tell you how to run your business, with AgriSoft YOU make the decisions and let AgriSoft take care of the rest!

The current version includes all of the key components essential to automating daily agricultural business operations. The program is user friendly and can be tailored to meet your specific needs, including integration with your current Accounting/ Business Systems.


Grower's Pack

This custom software was designed with the Grower in mind. Through collaborative development, Grower’s Pack became a powerful tool for grower’s who want the real needs of their business to be addressed.


Enviro Track

Successful greenhouses produce maximum yield, and this program was developed to assist with this goal. The program allows greenhouse growers to improve quality and increase productivity easily and efficiently.


Production Line

An efficient production line can save you thousands of $’s every day. By tracking your packers and their productivity you can pass some of the savings back to the workers as you motivate them to do the best possible job. Once again this application empowers the greenhouse packer to improve quality and increase productivity easily and efficiently to the benefit of everyone in the system.

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